Author: Autumn Ward

Don’t Pack Up Christmas

I love Christmas decorations. They have a way of making everything more beautiful. Even the most humble of homes becomes a breathtaking site with just a few strands of twinkling lights. Our family has accumulated quite the collection over the past 19 years. Every yard ornament and strand of garland has a story as to how it became a part of our family. The 9’ snowman in our front yard. The moving reindeer. The candy canes that won’t stay straight no matter how far we push them in the ground. Then there’s the ice sickle lights hanging on the...

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When was the last time your kids heard you laugh uncontrollably? Watched you totally let go and have fun? If you can’t remember, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. If we all pulled back the curtain, we would probably see some pretty worn down parents. We’re running kids around, washing clothes, working jobs, managing homes, paying bills, cutting grass… doing all the stuff we have to do. Then, when the time comes to have a little fun, we’re content to just sit in a chair and watch. Maybe we watch because we’re tired. Or because that’s what our parents...

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