Author: Courtney DeFeo

Passing Down a Faith-Filled Life, Not a Trial-Free Life

Do you remember the first time your child was in harm’s way? I remember the time my oldest kicked a bright bouncy ball and landed on her head on the concrete. I remember when my youngest got her feelings hurt by a friend and cried real tears, not whiny tears. I’ve watched my kids hurt many times, and it stinks. My knee-jerk reaction is to protect, hover, block, or tattle. Basically do anything to prevent my children from feeling pain. The same goes with their faith. I want them to fall in love with Jesus and frankly never walk...

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Raising Honest Kids

I’ve had many memorable parenting moments at Target, but this one trumps them all. My neck is getting red and splotchy just thinking of this day. This is the story our kids know and remember well—because it’s the day the virtue of Honesty came to life. My girls were six and four. My oldest was in Kindergarten and she had two passions that day. First, she desperately wanted a new pack of Play-Doh. And, she had also been begging for new colorful tennis shoes for school for weeks. However, the rules at the school stated that colorful tennis shoes...

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My Days on A Pit Crew

Many of my childhood weekends were filled with kid stuff—playing outside, wading in the creek, playing with dolls and roller-skating. However, there was a short time when I was on the pit crew of my dad’s racing team, and that was major. Not really your normal kid weekend. In my mind, my dad was Richard Petty. I don’t know if my dad could beat your dad up, but he could totally beat your dad to church. He loved fast cars. My mom was a pretty cool wife for letting him explore this dangerous passion. He raced Enduro carts. Have...

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