Author: Geoff Surratt

Rescuing Your Child When Life Isn’t Fair

My son attended a small, private high school. It was a wonderful school, that had a rule for everything, and many of their favorite rules had to do with uniforms. Students were required to wear their uniforms, and nothing but their uniforms, whenever they were on campus. As parents, we liked the uniform rule because it made shopping for school clothes simple. Once we knew how many inches our son had grown in the last year we could buy enough ugly polo shirts and steel-belted pants to last a year. Our son, however, wasn’t as fond of the uniforms....

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What I’ve Learned About Being a Dad from Being Clueless

Father’s Day always reminds me of my first day as a father. It was a crisp fall; the leaves were turning a heavenly gold as the squirrels gathered the last nuts before winter. Finally, the anticipation was over, and this would be the day I would become a dad. After a brief time in labor, my soulmate gave birth to our firstborn son. The doctor smiled as he cut the umbilical cord and handed our gently cooing son to me; after nine months of waiting, my precious progeny was finally here. It was a glorious moment, my wife glowing,...

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