Author: Holly Crawshaw

What My 5-Year-Old Taught Me in My Darkest Moment

Recently, my husband and I welcomed our third daughter, Sailor. I can’t tell you how excited I was to be pregnant—and even more excited to have another girl! (One day I’ll write a blog post about people who say, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry you didn’t get your boy!’) My pregnancy wasn’t easy. I was sick, renovating a house, had a new job, and had abnormal test results early on. I saw a specialist my entire pregnancy, and we weren’t sure Sailor would be completely healthy until she was born. But she was! She was perfect! There’s so much I...

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Can You Spoil Kids Without Spoiling Them?

My daughters are spoiled. And to a certain degree, I’m okay with that. But here’s what I know—there’s a line between a “spoiled” child and an “entitled” child. And that’s a line I have not always navigated with precision. In fact, I have given in to whining too often, and made many ill-advised purchases/downright stupid decisions all in the name of “giving my kids more than what I had growing up.” (Insert a self-directed eye-roll here.) Now—let me assure you that my husband and I are tucked well within the “middle class” demographic. We are both fulltime employees who...

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Why I Have No Plans to “Let Them Be Little”

You hear it a lot . . . Let them be little. It’s a sentiment so perfectly nostalgic and sweet, I totally get why it’s a favorite parenting mantra and a consistently trending #hashtag. Only, when it comes to parenting my three daughters, I have no plans to “let them be little.” First, let me reassure you—I’m not preparing their resumes for employment or getting their advice on which stocks to invest in or sell off (which, they’d probably have more educated perspectives than I do on the subject). It’s just that I’ve realized that letting them be little...

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Ten Reasons Having Kids Is Awesome

It’s easy to focus on all the negatives involved with having kids. They’re . . . inconvenient, selfish, messy, unpredictable, irrational, and one of the most expensive investments you’ll ever make. Raising kids is tough—that’s for sure. But it’s not all bad. In fact, some days with kids are absolute magic. Watching their eyes light up with recognition when they see your face. Hearing their belly laugh for the first time. Witnessing them learn a new skill or reach a new level. Christmas morning with kids . . . yeah. Parenting is one of the few situations in life...

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What I Learned About Having The TALK

If you haven’t read THE TALK – Part 1, I would recommend you check it out before reading further. The Talk – Part 1 Recently, I had THE TALK with my third-grade daughter. Do you guys remember the TV show Blossom? It aired in the 90’s on NBC and dealt with issues like drugs, alcohol, and teenage pregnancy. It was a borderline controversial show back then, so naturally, I was totally into it. I remember an episode where one of the characters got her period for the first time. I was watching with my older sister and a friend...

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