Author: Holly Crawshaw

How to Know Your Kid is Ready for THE TALK

Part 1 – THE TALK You know which talk I’m talking about. THE “TALK” talk. THE TALK that no parent looks forward to, but all parents know is critical. THE TALK that reduces most of us to our middle-school-selves, all tongue-tied, darty-eyed, and fidgety. THE TALK parents desperately want to do well, but THE TALK we’re sure we’ll screw up, delivering a debilitating blow to the healthy development of our children. Recently, I had THE TALK with my third grade daughter, Lilah. Now, before you screenshot this and send it to your friend with the caption “THIS CLEARLY UNSTABLE MOTHER HAD...

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Helping Kids Learn to Deal with Friends Who Are Mean

If there’s one parenting goal that I want to consistently crush, it’s to be relentlessly vigilant when it comes to my kids’ friendships. If you follow this blog, you know that we talk a lot about the importance of community and friendship – about widening the circle. We value diversity. We value wisdom. We value building an on-purpose support system for our families because we know that life is better, together. But we also know something else. Friendships help determine the direction and quality of a person’s life. It’s true for adults, and it’s also true for children and...

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When Asking For Help Is Not Enough

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself in this situation often: eyes closed, fists clenched, blood pressure rising, and the only words you can grumble are . . . God, help me. The chocolate milk has been spilled for the fourth time in one meal. God, help me. The whining plays on a loop like fingernails dragging down a chalkboard. God, help me. The arguing in the backseat has persisted from the moment the car doors opened. God, help me. The walls got new artwork, courtesy of a curious toddler and a pack of now-destroyed markers. God, help...

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What Your New Baby Needs Most From You

Regardless of how many friends, family members, and perfect strangers try to paint an accurate picture of parenthood, there’s nothing anyone can say that adequately prepares you for that heart-stretching moment you hold your newborn for the first time.

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3 Ways to Survive the Back to School Season

You’re never prepared for it – for that moment on your weekly (tri-weekly) trip to Target when the water toys and outdoor furniture sets are corralled into the clearance section and replaced by mountains of marbleized composition notebooks and rows of calculators that cost more than my smart phone. Like Christmas, birthdays, and well. . . like most things milestone-related, the back-to-school season seems to arrive more and more quickly each year. And with it. . . My emotions? Mixed. My schedule? Threatened. My budget? On the Endangered Species List. Ready or not, it always comes. But before we...

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