Author: Holly Crawshaw

Celebrate Easter

See that photo below? That’s me on the far left. Snaggle-toothed and dressed in the best that the early 90’s had to offer (on a middle-class budget). Every Easter my brother, sister, and I got brand new and coordinating Easter outfits and baskets. My mom wasn’t the kind of mom who baked cookies and did crafts with us. In today’s terms, she wouldn’t have been a “Pinterest Mom.” I mean, she had three kids in four years (and added a fourth the year after this picture was taken. Suuurprise!) But she made a big deal about Easter. And because...

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Redefine Valentine’s

Is there anyone who actually enjoys Valentine’s Day? For singles, it’s a glaring reminder of what we don’t have. Everyone seems to be in love. Everyone but us. And for those of us who do have significant others, it’s pressure to deliver. Deliver gifts. Candy. Jewelry. Romance. And how do our kids factor into Valentine’s Day? Do we buy them candy? Don’t we spend half our life trying to keep them away from sugar? Do we buy them cards? What if they can’t read? It all just sort of seems wasteful, doesn’t it? So how will we get through...

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