Author: Jon Acuff

Tribes, Fun to Talk About, Hard to Actually Do

I like to think I am a brave parent, right up until the moment I actually have to be brave. I talk a good game, know most of the buzz words and occasionally act like I have a few things figured out. All of this works pretty well right up until the moment I actually have to parent my kids. Case in point, the lock in. Recently, my church held a lock in (or all nighter) that my oldest daughter wanted to go to. It was progressive, meaning they started at a bowling alley and then worked their way...

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Lessons from the Bookstore

Teaching your kids about responsibility and discipline is about as fun as pulling teeth. Tiger teeth. Even that first sentence wasn’t that fun to write, but as a parent, you know that’s part of the gig. The reason we have jerk 15-year-olds sometimes is that we allow 7-year-olds to be jerks. Life is a process, and though your actions might seem small today, they could have huge consequences tomorrow. That’s why Jenny and I look for fun ways to teach our kids about responsibility and discipline. Take reading for instance. Both of my kids are excellent readers because I’m...

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Live Small, Tell Big Stories

Most of what I write in books is simply what I live at home. As I start to think about writing a new one, there’s a simple lesson from the Acuff house that keeps coming up. Three years ago when we moved to Nashville, people encouraged us to buy a bigger house. It’s not because we’re super rich and wear pants made of komodo dragon. (Do you know of a more difficult leather to make into comfortable pants? I don’t.) Friends just had an expectation of the kind of house we’d live in and our choice surprised a few...

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