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Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Talking to Your Kids About Racism

In light of the events in Charlottesville, many parents are reacting with uncertainty on how to talk about these disturbing and scary events with their kids. And while we want to address it, at the same time, we wish we could shelter them from ever witnessing anything so reminiscent of our dark and painful history. But somehow, we know that part of the solution for change starts with us, and in the way we respond to these events. We also know that as parents, we have an opportunity to make a difference in this world through the incredible influence...

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Your Ninth Grader Is a Super Hero

Ninth grade is a year of awakening. It’s like the moment when . . . Peter Parker discovers his amazing spider powers. Katniss Everdeen realizes her unique strength and talent. Batman takes Robin under his wing and trains him how to fight crime. Ninth grade is the year our kids truly begin to discover who they are and embark on journeys of unimagined power. For me, ninth grade couldn’t have come soon enough. In eighth grade, I got kicked off my basketball team because I’d forged the signature on my health physical. I got a D in math and...

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Five Principles to Help you Parent Beyond Your Capacity

If you’ve been following our blog for any amount of time, you may have noticed a few repeating themes. (And if you haven’t noticed, we’re not going to give you a quiz or anything. Take a deep breath . . . and keep reading!) Each month, we highlight one of five parenting principles that Parent Cue believes to be valuable and useful to anyone who has or leads kids. Why? We work to keep our content relevant, practical, and honest, knowing . . . we’re not perfect parents. we don’t have all the answers. there’s no formula for getting...

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