Author: Parent Cue

The Sunny Side of Second Grade

Welcome to the wonderful year of second grade! You’re in the phase that is the very essence of childhood. I’ve been working with children for over forty years now, and I’ve been a parent for more than thirty. In my experience, this is the age that brings a smile to my heart more than any other. This up-for-anything, sounds-like-fun bunch is always ready to go.

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Messy One-Year-Olds

I’m not sure what captivates me more . . . the spontaneous belly laugh or the drool-mouthed wonder on their angelic faces. I can fall in love with a one-year-old faster than they can stink up a room with a saggy diaper. The cherub cheeks and adorable fat thighs draw me in, almost enough to make me overlook their incessantly snotty nose and the jelly they just smeared in their wispy new-grown hair. Almost. It’s the mess that gets me. Their little fingers are drawn like magnets to anything they can break or mangle. The moment their hands become...

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The World is a Tenth Grader’s Oyster

“The world is my oyster!” I’m fairly certain Shakespeare was around the age of fifteen when he first wrote this phrase. I haven’t fact-checked that tidbit of trivia, but it makes a lot of sense to me. It’s a phrase to describe the feeling of someone who’s young, healthy, has no commitments, and is free to do exactly as they want. So, basically, that’s every tenth grader ever. Sophomores are in the best phase of their lives. They have new levels of independence, freedom, and mobility. They’re solidly assimilated into the social culture of high school. And yet, they...

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