Author: Kristen Ivy

Your Family Is Weird

When did you first realize your family was weird? Last week, I was sitting at Starbucks with an 8th grade girl from my small group, and she said, “So, does your family really not do the jingle bell thing?” I quickly racked my brain to try to imagine what kind of “jingle bell thing” she might be referring to. We sing jingle bells. We read the Polar Express. My kids make crafts with jingle bells on them. Uncertain, I asked her, “What jingle bell thing”? “You know,” she said, “the thing where your parents go outside your window at...

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The Gift of Words

“Did you know . . ?” “Has anyone ever told you . . ?” I don’t know your story, but if I had to guess you can remember a time when someone said something to you that started something like that. The funny thing is that so often these life-changing phrases are followed by something that seems more ordinary than extraordinary—at least to the one who speaks them. About ten years ago, I started my career as a High School English teacher. And I’ll never forget this one student from my third period class. He was quiet, unsocial, and...

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Time Matters

I hate the clock. No. Really.  My stepdad collects them. But I ignore them. Ask anyone who knows me at all. When it comes to time management,  I’m the worst they’ve ever met. If I tell you, “I’ll be there in five,” it usually means I still need to transfer clothes to the dryer, look for my phone, get the kids dressed for school, brush my teeth, look for my keys, put the kids in the car, go back inside the house to find my phone, and then I will be on my way. It still hasn’t sunk in  yet—all of...

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