Author: Tricia Lott Williford

Facing the Monster Called Fear

Let me tell you a little secret my son, Tyler, and I have together to help him battle fear. We started writing Tyler’s Brave Book. He has a notebook in his room where we record brave things Tyler does. When he went to sleep with just one nightlight on, we wrote it down. When he went downstairs to the dark kitchen to fill up his water bottle before bedtime without an adult, we wrote it down.

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How To Avoid Raising Entitled Children

Last week, we celebrated my son’s 11th birthday.When my children were toddlers and preschoolers, I discovered the very real truth that it’s easier to celebrate one child’s birthday when all the children have something to do. And that was the catalyst for the Birthday Brother Tradition, whereupon the one with the unbirthday gets to open a present. (Or four.)
As my younger son opened a gift from my mom, he tore away the paper at the corner of the package to reveal a Lego project. And to my great horror, he said, “Yes! That’s what I was expecting!” Expecting? Hold up, cowboy. We’ve got some training to do.

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The Daughter-In-Law Factor

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to put my focus on the parenting buffet. There is so much on the table, so many choices, so many categories, so much to teach and so little time. I have to confess, sometimes my parenting is motivated by what I call The Daughter-in-Law Factor. I prioritize so I can minimize the inevitable apologies I’ll owe to my someday daughters-in-law. I find myself thinking, “I better cover that. His wife will want him to know that already,” even though my sons are nine and ten. Never too soon to keep the end in...

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