Founder and CEO of The reThink Group, Reggie Joiner, joins hosts Kristen Ivy and Carlos Whittaker to talk about the importance of teaching your kids patience despite the fast-paced, instant gratification society we live in today.


  • Be in the moment. Pause intentionally with your family. Limit distractions and give your family your undivided attention. During family time, everything else can wait.
  • Become aware of your pace. In our fast-paced world, you often feel like you have to keep up with the rapid pace just to stay afloat. Notice your speed and then deliberately slow down. It might feel strange to do so, but remember, you’re leading your children by example. They need to see the power in the slowness.
  • Understand the best things in life take time. Try not to fast forward through the hard phases — they’re there for a reason.


Impatience permeates our very existence in today’s age. From microwaveable meals to Amazon Prime (or even better, Amazon Prime Now!) to the ability to binge-watch our favorite shows all in one sitting, we are conditioned to get what we want right now.

As instant gratification not only becomes expected, but demanded, anxiety, depression, and the overall feeling like something is missing also continues to increase amongst adults and kids alike.

Patience leads to a fulfilling life

There’s a fundamental belief that if we can just get what we need faster, we’ll be happier,” says Kristen Ivy in today’s episode.

But here’s the thing that everyone knows, but tends to forget: The best things in life take time.

This is a difficult concept to teach our kids when we’re so impatient ourselves as parents. We often want to rush through the hard parts — like when our newborn still wakes up every two to three hours throughout the night — to the good parts that await on the other side of the struggle.

But if we don’t teach them the value of waiting, our kids can miss out on the richness of life.

Listen to today’s episode to learn how your impatience may be robbing your kids of essential life skills, how a lesson in patience is right outside your front door, and how to start living out patience right now as a family.




Reggie Joiner


Founder and CEO of The reThink Group.

Carlos Whittaker, Parent Cue Live Host


Carlos is an author, speaker, and content creator living in Nashville, TN with his wife Heather and 3 kids Sohaila, Seanna, and Losiah. He is addicted to social media, his wife’s enchiladas, and is determined to have his daughters teach him to land a backflip on the trampoline by the time he is 45.

Kristen Ivy - Parent Cue Live Host


Kristen is the Executive Director of Messaging at Orange, Director of The Phase Project, and co-author of Playing For Keeps and It’s Just a Phase – So Don’t Miss It. She combines her degree in secondary education with a Master of Divinity and lives with her husband, Matt, and their three children, Sawyer,  Hensley, and Raleigh, in Cumming, GA.

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