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A New, Old-Fashioned Christmas Tradition for Your Family – FREE GIFT

December 24th, 1972 – My sister and I are huddled in the back seat of my Dad’s Buick rumbling down interstate 64 from my grandmother’s house in Dunbar, to our home in Hurricane, West Virginia. It was late. What started as an amazing dinner, spun itself into caroling, and storytelling, and presents, and laughter. We were tired, and probably more than a bit grouchy. That’s when Dad turned on the radio and, I think accidentally, started a family tradition.

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Christmas in Hurt Park (FREE Advent Calendar!)

This is the time of year when joy should abound, yet many of us still find ourselves searching for it. Homes are filled with families rushing through the season filling their schedules and shopping carts to overflowing. But, as you already know, these things just don’t produce the joy for which our souls were created. Maybe it’s because joy is not a thing to be found, but a person to be known. And, when we choose to live as Jesus showed us, joy will naturally follow—much like the Christmas my family spent in Hurt Park.

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