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What to Do With the Curiosity of a Three-Year-Old

If you ask me, any phase that involves sleeping through the night is far superior to any that don’t. Add uninterrupted REM to the fact that most three-year-olds are beginning to learn how to dress themselves, go to the bathroom in an actual toilet, and tell you what they want for dinner (granted, it’s usually chicken nuggets). A parent may get to this phase and think . . . Whew. Those first three years were nuts. Now maybe I can relax a little.

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The Sunny Side of Second Grade

Welcome to the wonderful year of second grade! You’re in the phase that is the very essence of childhood. I’ve been working with children for over forty years now, and I’ve been a parent for more than thirty. In my experience, this is the age that brings a smile to my heart more than any other. This up-for-anything, sounds-like-fun bunch is always ready to go.

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