So if someone gave you $75,000 in 2011, what would you do?

After you scraped yourself off the floor, you might start dreaming.  Would you give a chunk away, pay down your mortgage, take a vacation, get a new car, or invest it? Regardless, it’s a pretty incredible thing to have happen.

Well…if you’re an average family and you live where I live, that’s actually going to happen.  The average family income in my community makes just over $75,000 a year. Wherever you live in North American or whatever you make, the point is that just about all of us are going to be entrusted with a significant amount of money next year…whether that’s $25,000,  $75,000 or $150,000.

There’s a larger point to all this.  We get so used to what we get paid each week that it doesn’t seem like a lot anymore.  It may even feel like barely enough.  But change the perspective -like we did at the beginning of this post – and what we see as barely enough starts to look like a windfall.

So let’s drop money and talk time.

What if next year someone gave you 3000 hours to spend with your kids?

Would you take a vacation?  Spend some quality time together?  Pray for them?  Work hard at shaping their character?  Introduce them to strategic relationships that could change their lives?  Work toward some incredibly profound moments together as a family?

Wait… if you’re an average parent,  you will have unstructured 3000 hours to spend with your kids in 2011.  There are 3000 undesignated hours left over each year even if you sleep eight hours each night, if the kids are in school full time and both parents work full time.  3000 hours.  But like waves hitting the beach, moments are gone for ever once they pass.  You can’t get time back again.


Instead of spending that time accidentally, what if you spent it intentionally?

And a plan of action:

Why not sit down now and start to plan what you might do with the 3000 hours coming your way? Why not ask God about it?  Why not talk about it as a family?

Ultimately, that’s what we’re here to help with. So let’s get started.

We’d love to know: in your view, what was the best investment of your 3000 hours in 2010?  And, knowing what you know now,  how might you spend your 3000 hours differently as you move into 2011?