Are you looking for a way for you and your family to make a difference this Christmas? What about putting Christmas in a box to have it delivered to someone who has never received a Christmas present?

You can do that! Just pack a shoebox full of Christmas and deliver it to Operation Christmas Child.

The Operation Christmas Child website walks you through how to pack a shoe box including what are great items to include as well as where and when you need to deliver it. You can even track your shoe box and know where in the world it is delivered.

Plan a night this week to spend with your family to make a difference in a child’s life this Christmas. Have dinner together and then hop in the car to visit the local discount store. Walk through the aisles with your child choosing items that will bless another child somewhere far away. Then return home to pack up Christmas in a box.

The time you spend with your family may end up beinan even better present than the one you send around the world.