Armor of God Snack

Garden Bin Preschool Craft

Enjoy a yummy snack as you talk about the different pieces of the armor of God with your child!


  • Food (Choose foods your child likes, keeping in mind you’ll need to make a stick person, a shield, a breastplate and a helmet.)
  • Plate
  • Dips (optional)


  1. Using your child’s favorite snack foods, decorate your plate with a person who has a helmet, breastplate, and shield. (We used pretzels, salami, bagel chips, and fruit for our snack!)
  2. Set out any dips.
  3. Review the armor of God with your child as they eat. When we remember that Jesus is our friend forever, it’s like putting on a helmet. When we choose to go God’s way, it’s like wearing a breastplate to keep our heart safe. When we trust God, it’s like holding up a shield to protect us. And, we have the Bible to teach us how to go God’s way.