Chocolate Love Match Game

Who doesn’t love chocolate? (If your family doesn’t like chocolate, pick another type of candy to taste test.) Get everyone you love together to play this sweet game! You’ll need several different boxes of assorted chocolates, a knife, a cutting board, and a blindfold. Cut each chocolate treat into as many pieces as there are family members. If you have a large family, buy multiples of the same box of chocolates, that way everyone gets to try each flavor.

Then take turns wearing the blindfold and tasting one chocolate, and trying to guess its flavor. You earn points for getting it right. Go around the table and randomly pick a chocolate to try. After all the chocolates have been tasted, tally up your points and see who has the best taste in your family! Discuss which chocolates were your favorites, and a few ways you can sweeten up someone else’s day in your life.