Commitment Transfers

As we learn about commitment and implement it in our lives, it will rub off on others. When kids see their parents make a plan and then put it into practice, they begin to do the same in their lives. When your friends see your commitment to school, helping others, and loving God, they will want to do the same. Here’s a fun way to demonstrate how transfer works. 

Let’s make sandpaper transfers!



Give everyone a piece of sandpaper and all the crayons they want. Draw whatever picture or design you like. Try to cover the entire piece of sandpaper with color. Once everyone is finished have an adult set up an ironing board and turn the iron on high. Lay a sheet of parchment paper on the ironing board, then a sheet of white paper, on top of that place your sandpaper art face down and then top with another sheet of parchment paper. Carefully iron, the heat will melt the wax on the sandpaper and transfer your art to the white piece of paper. It takes about 5 minutes of slowly moving the iron. Be sure you heat every part of the sandpaper. Peal sandpaper off of the white sheet of paper and reveal your transfer. 

Talk about how we can be an example to people around us and our commitment to God and shine through all we do. 

(You can also transfer to fabric. There are a few more steps, but instructions can be easily found online. A great option for older kids.)