Committing to Finish What You Start

Garden Bin Preschool Craft

This month commit to a family Puzzle Night. Depending on how large the puzzle, it might end up being a Puzzle Weekend, and that’s the whole idea. Committing as a family to finish a difficult task together will help your family bond and learn together how important it is to commit to finishing what you start. 

First begin by finding a brand new puzzle, one with the most pieces as possible, however, still staying age-appropriate for your family’s skill set. Set aside an area that will be your puzzle headquarters, pop some popcorn and make your favorite snacks. Work together, come up with the best strategy, and then help one another implement it. Now depending on how big your puzzle is, you may be committing to working on it for days and that’s PERFECT! In the end, you will be rewarded to see your family’s commitment pay off with a lovely finished puzzle. You will look back on this experience and be proud to remind each other how you finished what you started.