Confidence Coat of Arms

Family Coats of Arms have been around for hundreds of years. A Coat of Arms is a symbol that represents a specific family or person. Your family is special, each member brings their own talents and personality to the family. This month you will create your own Coat of Arms. You will need paper, pencils, crayons, and markers. Draw out a large empty shield on a piece of paper, and as large as possible. Then section the shield into as many sections as there are members in your immediate family. Have each member pick which section is “theirs.”

On separate pieces of paper have each person work on their “section” of the coat of arms. Instruct everyone to make their section showcasing what makes them special. They can draw the things they love, or words that represent them. Once everyone knows what they’d like in their section of the coat of arms, have them add it to the main Coat of Arms. Once finished you will have a one-of-a-kind Coat of Arms that truly represents your family. Hang your Coat of Arms confidently in your home.