Confidence Shopping Trip

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Taking responsibility for a family meal is a big way to build confidence in every member of the family. Have each family member pick a day of the week to be responsible for family dinner. Take out your cookbooks and that box of recipe cards (or go online), find something that gets you excited to cook, and fits into your skill level. Each family member will make a grocery list of what they will need for their meal. Be sure to check the refrigerator and pantry to see if you already have some of the ingredients.

Now it’s time to head out together to the store to get what you will need, help one another navigate the store, and get everything on the family’s lists. Discover new grocery stores in your neighborhood, make it a food adventure. Make sure every family member is included, if possible have each family member help bag the groceries and carry them out to the car. It may seem easier to have one adult do all this on their own, however, the point of this outing is to work together and share the responsibility. Taking part in this important task will build confidence even in the youngest of family members.

Once home, have everyone help organize the food and put it away. During the week allow each family member to take charge of their night to cook dinner. Whoever is in charge also hands out responsibilities to the other family members. Put on those aprons and roll up your sleeves, because we are cooking with confidence! Help each other with whatever needs to be done. Work together as a family and build confidence through teamwork. Enjoy eating together as a family this week. Talk about how God sees each of us and what you enjoyed the most about sharing the dinner responsibilities.