Confidence Wall of Fame

Before a new school year starts, celebrate all you have accomplished as a family during the past upside-down year. This month we are creating a ‘Confidence Wall of Fame” to showcase achievements—like good grades, art projects, trophies, promotions, certificates, pictures of the family members participating in sports or other favorite activities, and more.

Take the time to honor every family member and what they accomplished over the past school year. You can also make your own personalized certificates like: Best Zoom Student, Most Dedicated Soccer Play, #1 Social Distancer, Best Attitude in Hard Times, Best Dish Washer, etc.

Once the wall is decorated and each family member is recognized, have each person talk about their hardest times over the last school year and how God helped them get through it. Be sure to also talk about your favorite moments from the year and what you each learned or accomplished.