Creation Snack

Garden Bin Preschool Craft

Mix up a special snack with your child that reminds us about all the things God has made.


Mixing bowl
Mini Oreos
Frosted Mini-Wheats
M&Ms, separated by color
Pretzel sticks
Goldfish crackers
Animal crackers
Mini marshmallows


  1. Mix all the ingredients together to create a creation-themed snack mix. 

  2. As you work together, talk about each thing God made:

    Day 1 – Mini Oreos for light and dark

    Day 2 – Frosted Mini-Wheats for the clouds and the ground

    Day 3 – Green M&Ms, stick pretzels & red M&Ms for the grass, trees, and flowers

    Day 4 – Orange and yellow M&Ms for the sun, moon, and stars

    Day 5 – Goldfish crackers for the birds and the fish

    Day 6 – Animal crackers for people and land animals

    Day 7 – Mini marshmallows for ‘pillows’ because God rested on the 7th day!