Farmers Market Challenge

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Stay local and support your local farms and businesses by going to a farmers market near you. However, this isn’t just an ordinary trip to the farmers market. As a family, you are challenged to get everything you need for a picnic lunch—all from the farmers market. Walk around, meet your local produce growers, make friends with the town’s baker, and learn about cheeses that are made near you. Find out what’s special about where you live, try something new, and discover what your family likes best. You will end up with one delicious lunch, and you will be helping local businesses.

Once you have purchased everything you need for your picnic, go to a park, a hiking trail, or spread a blanket out on your living room floor and enjoy the fruits of your labor. As you eat, catch up on what’s happening at work and school. Talk about if anything is getting anyone down, and how you can all work together to help one another be resilient.