Finding Peace

Our lives can be a minefield filled with things that can distract us from having peace. This silly game will be fun and spark conversations about helping one another to not be caught up in the pitfalls of life and keep our focus on God and His perfect peace.


  • A cleared-off area on the ground, indoors or out
  • Painter’s Tape 
  • Blindfolds


Clear a large space of furniture and tripping hazards, an open kitchen floor or driveway work great. However, any open space that’s about ten foot by ten foot square will work. Decide on the start and finish points and mark with tape. Then have everyone help to make large rounds of duct tape, sticky side out. The best way to do this is to wrap a long piece of tape around the outside of your hand and stick one end to another. Then place tape randomly on the ground between the start and finish points.

Now that your “minefield” is ready, choose a family member to go first and put on a blindfold. Next, it’s the job of the family to help the blindfolded member get from start to finish without stepping on a “landmine”, but only using your voices. Every time someone steps on tape they get a point, the person with the least amount of points wins. While the blindfolded person is playing, no one else can be in the “minefield”. Work together to get each family member out of this sticky situation. Play as many rounds as you wish, you’ll see the more you play the easier it becomes because you learn how to work together. Afterward, talk about how you can all work together to help keep peace in your family by avoiding all of life’s “landmines”. Ask: What things can get in the way of our peace? What can distract you from having a peaceful life? What can we do to avoid those things? How can we help each other have peace?