Forgiveness Relay

Running a 50-yard dash isn’t too hard, but it gets more difficult when something is weighing you down. The same goes for living a life with a grudge/withholding forgiveness holding you down. Your family will run two relay races. You will need a stopwatch and a large rock.

Choose a rock that is heavy, however light enough to carry but also heavy enough so each person will actually have to struggle to hold it. Line the family up at a starting line and one family member at a time will run while holding the stone. Start your stopwatch when the first family member starts and stop when the last family member runs in. Have them run to a particular point and then turn around and run back. Then hand off the rock to the next family member. Continue until every person has had a turn. Now do the same relay race without the heavy stone, and time it again.

Did you notice a difference in time between the two races? Was it easier to run without the heavy stone? This is like our life, when we carry unforgiveness and hold a grudge we carry a heavy weight with us that slows us down. Forgiving others sets you free, talk about ways you can each let go of grudges and forgive someone.