Handprint Flower Shrinky Dinks®

Garden Bin Preschool Craft

Create a pretty handprint flower because Adam and Eve lived in a garden.


Shrinky Dink® Paper


  1. Paint your kid’s palm a fun color.
  2. Help your kid gently press their palm onto the center of a piece of Shrinky Dink paper to create petals.
  3. Draw or paint a stem, leaves, and center to complete your flower.
  4. Cut out your handprint flower.
  5. Follow the directions on the Shrinky Dink packaging to shrink your flower!
  6. As you craft, say, “God told Adam and Eve to take care of the beautiful garden He made. There were probably all sorts of beautiful flowers in the garden, just like the one we’re making today! God told Adam and Eve they could eat from any of the trees in the garden except one because He loved them and knew what was best for them. God loves you and knows what’s best for you, too!”