Love Bunny

Do you have any socks that have lost their match? Those guys just love to get separated in the dryer. Here’s an adorable craft that uses your lonely socks and turns them into Love Bunnies!


  • Men’s tube sock
  • Rice
  • Black sharpie marker/paint pen/puff paint (will be used to draw face)
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Ribbon


Fill your sock with rice about three-quarters of the way full. Tie a piece of string around the sock right above the rice, tie it tight to ensure that no rice will fall out.

Then tie another string loosely about a quarter of the way down from the original string, creating a head and a round body.

Next cut right down the middle of the extra sock on top of your bunny’s head. Round the ends of the ears with a scissor, creating two floppy ears.

Now it’s time to have fun making your sweet little bunny’s face. Draw on an eye, a nose, a mouth, and whiskers. Look up bunny faces online for ideas if you’d like.

Tie colored ribbon into a bow around its neck and you’re finished! Enjoy snuggling your new best friend!