Pool Noodle Slingshot

Garden Bin Preschool Craft

Make a pom pom slingshot because David used a slingshot to defeat Goliath.


Pool noodle
Kitchen knife (parents only)
Latex balloon
Duct tape
Pom poms


  1. Parents, cut an 8” section of the pool noodle using the kitchen knife.
  2. Tie a knot in the tail of the balloon.
  3. Cut the other end of the balloon off using the scissors.
  4. Stretch the balloon over the end of the pool noodle section and secure it with duct tape.
  5. Load a pom pom into the hollow center of the pool noodle.
  6. As you hold the pool noodle, aim, pull the balloon tail back and release to shoot a pom pom!
  7. Let your kid pretend to be David by knocking you (Goliath) down!
  8. As you’re playing, say, “David was very brave because he knew that God was always with him. When he was facing the giant Goliath in battle, David used a slingshot and rocks to knock him down. God helped David be brave, and He can help us be brave, too!”