Self-Portrait Snack

Popsicle Crown
Popsicle Crown

Make a self-portrait out of food to explore the idea that “God made me” with your child!


  • Bread
  • Spread (such as Nutella, hummus, or peanut butter)
  • Snacks (Choose snack foods your child likes, keeping in mind you’ll need to make a face on a piece of toast with it.)
  • Toaster, Oven, or Pan/Stove to Toast Bread
  • Plate


  1. Toast the bread (or don’t!).
  2. Make a circle out of the spread on the toast.
  3. Use other foods to make your face on the toast. (We used fruit, veggies, chocolate-covered raisins, nuts, pretzels, and graham crackers for our faces!)
  4. As your child makes their face, talk about how God made them.