Wisdom Relay

Let’s have fun finding what you should do and doing it. This interactive game is a hands-on version of the game Telephone. What you will need is a box of Legos® and an egg timer. Place the Legos on a table in one room and have the family start in a separate room, be sure that they can’t see the table with the Legos on it.

Choose one family member to “start”, they will sit at the table of Legos alone, while everyone else stays in a separate room with an egg timer. Set the timer for 2 minutes. Now the person with the Legos can start building something, whatever they want. However, when the timer goes off they have to stop and switch with another family member. Do not say anything about what you were trying to build. Now set the time again for 2 minutes, the new family member needs to look at what has been built and continue building as they see fit. Continue until everyone has contributed to the building.

Once everyone has had a turn, bring the masterpiece out for everyone to see and talk about what each person “thought” they were building. Have fun hearing everyone’s story and see how close or how far away from the original builder’s intent.

Continue with multiple rounds, allowing someone new to be first each round. This is also fun to play with other family and friends with teams. (You can also print out building options and put them in a hat for the first person to pull and start building—this is great for teams so they start out building the same thing.)