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Autumn Ward

Autumn Ward is the lead writer for preschool curriculum at thinkorange.com. She is the author of The Creation Story, The Christmas Story, and The Easter Story. Visit OrangeBooksforPreschoolers.com to download a free Easter Activity Guide. Autumn and her husband, Chad, live in Cumming, GA. They have three grown children.

A faith of their own | Parent Cue Blog

Create A Rhythm | Imagine The End

A Faith of Their Own

Nothing is more important than helping your children develop a faith of their own, for the day will come too soon when mom and dad can’t fix it. Read More
To the Parents of the Class of 2020 | Parent Cue Blog

College and Young Adult | High School (9th-12th) | School Life

To the Parents of the Class of 2020

Watching the end of my daughter’s senior year in high school turn into something we could have never imagined has been difficult. Watching her cry and try to process the… Read More

Birth - 5 years | Celebrations | Create A Rhythm

4 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Easter with Your Preschooler

One of the things I wrestled with when my kids were growing up was how to make the true story of Easter the most important part of Easter while participating… Read More

Celebrations | Create A Rhythm | Faith | Family Activities

Don’t Miss the True Story of Christmas

There are certain times in the year that just go by faster than others. Christmas is one of them. There is so much going on from the time we clean… Read More

Family Life | Fight For The Heart

Words of Wisdom

There I sat, probably with slumped shoulders at this point. Mind totally saturated with gallons of new information, dates, deadlines, fees, dos and don’ts. I had already made a dozen… Read More
31 Things To Say To Help Teens Navigate Relationships

High School (9th-12th) | Imagine The End | Social Life

31 Things to Say to Help Teens Navigate Relationships

Helping my teenagers learn how to navigate relationships has been the biggest part of my twenty years of parenting. Hands down. Teachers, friends, coaches, dating, teammates, family . . .… Read More
How I'm Praying for My Kids Now That They're Older

Faith | High School (9th-12th) | Imagine The End

How I’m Praying For My Kids Now That They’re Older

I’m a “fix it” mama. Sibling argument? I’m there to mediate. Upset stomach? I have medicine for that. Shoes have a hole? No problem. I can buy new ones. Difficult… Read More

Celebrations | Create A Rhythm

What Do You Want Your Kids to Remember Most About Easter?

We moved into a new house about six months ago, which means we’ve been unpacking boxes for oh … about six months. The unmarked boxes are my favorite because it’s… Read More


Read It Again

When our oldest daughter was a preschooler, her favorite book was the “bird story.” Countless times she would say, “Read me bird story” as she plopped it (and herself) in… Read More