Cara Martens

Cara has written books, curriculum, and educational guides. She's designed engaging programs for adults and children alike. She loves to write, research, and develop creative ideas. Cara and her husband, Kevin, have three kids and live in Texas.


Why Puzzles are Addictive (and Frustrating)

Know anyone that’s addicted to puzzles? It might be plain old jigsaw puzzles with traditional pieces or even Sudoku or Tangrams. What do they do when they get stuck or… Read More


Need a Nap?

Every parent is a working parent.  And a lot of us know sleep is important.  We’ve heard about the different types of sleep cycles that we go through (ideally) several… Read More

Create A Rhythm | Family Life

Intentional Time

According to some new research, parents are spending more time interacting with their kids now than generations before. In 1965, the data from the Americans’ Use of Time Study shows… Read More

Fight For The Heart

More than Words

How we communicate with our kids is important—how we say it and when we say it and what our body is saying too. In fact, every message has at least… Read More

Create A Rhythm | Fight For The Heart

Phone in hand (or out-of-hand)?

It’s addictive. The ding of a new email and the chirp of a new text. All these messages just begging to be answered. Did you know that the Institute of… Read More
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