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Carey Nieuwhof is a bestselling leadership author, speaker, podcaster, and former attorney. He hosts one of today’s most influential leadership podcasts. His podcast, blog and online content are accessed by leaders over 1.5 million times each month. He speaks to leaders around the world about leadership, change and personal growth. Carey and his wife, Toni, live north of Toronto.

5 Things You'll Never Regret | Parent Cue Blog

Create A Rhythm | Family Life

5 Things You’ll Never Regret

Yes, it really was a bad idea to give your six-year-old access to the finger paints while you did the laundry. Or to let your fourteen-year-old son stay overnight at his… Read More

Family Life

You Are Not Disqualified

Because when you find yourself the villain in the story you have written It's plain to see That sometimes the best intentions are in need of redemption Would you agree?… Read More

Family Life | Imagine The End

You Bet Life Isn’t Fair, Kid!

Your kids have likely screamed 862 different versions of "That's not fair!!!!" from their small lungs before their fifth birthday. Whether it's the attention you gave her sister but not… Read More

Family Life | Fight For The Heart

Rules or Relationship? A Simple Maxim for Parents

My guess is that in your house—like my house—there's a constant tension between rules and relationships. Your nine-year-old is supposed to help wash the car, but instead decides that riding… Read More

Celebrations | Create A Rhythm

An Imperfect Christmas

It's no secret that Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year. And the tension is that by this point, Christmas Eve, all the 'how to… Read More

Celebrations | Character and Values | Imagine The End

Christmas and the G Word

Hi. My name is Carey, and I'm greedy. (This is the point where you all say, "Hi Carey.") Gosh, I hate to say it. I mean no one goes around… Read More

Celebrations | Create A Rhythm | Imagine The End

Low Expectations: A Key to Christmas Happiness

Expectations rarely run higher than they do at Christmas. From what to give to what to serve to the pressure to host well, expectations hover just beyond reach of achievability… Read More
Why Your Kids Need Five Other Adults in Their Lives

Social Life | Widen The Circle

Why Your Kids Need Five Other Adults in Their Lives

I have something like 1,300 contacts in my phone. No doubt, 1,300 is a crazy number. You might have double that, or half that. It's just the world we live in.… Read More
How to Talk to Your Kids About Tragedy

Current Events | Fight For The Heart

How to Talk to Your Kids About Tragedy

The news is heartbreaking enough to take in as a parent. Terrorist attacks. Mass killings. Planes blowing up. Beheadings. I know…please just stop right there. Add to that the political… Read More

Family Life | Imagine The End

Because, One Day, Your Kids Stop Bugging You (Really)

You may have a toddler right now who won’t leave your side. You know the kind. The kid who's glued to your leg, velcroed to your arm, who keeps wanting you… Read More
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