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Carey Nieuwhof

Carey Nieuwhof is the lead pastor of Connexus Church and author of several books, including Parenting Beyond Your Capacity (with Reggie Joiner) and his latest book, "Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow." Carey speaks to church leaders around the world about leadership and parenting. He writes one of the most widely read church leadership blogs at www.CareyNieuwhof.com and hosts the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast where he interviews top leaders each week.

Create A Rhythm | Make It Personal

White Space

If you look six months ahead in your calendar, most likely you'll see white space.   Nothing booked - just a lot of free time. Now look at this coming… Read More

Create A Rhythm | Fight For The Heart

Reframing Reality

I took this picture for our 2008 family Christmas card.  While I'm not really a photographer, our friends and family loved the snapshot.  In fact, we've probably had more comments… Read More

Imagine The End | Widen The Circle

The Tension in Serving

So it's confession time.  I've followed the blog posts that Reggie and Kara have posted in the last few week, and I admit it stirs a tension in me. I… Read More

Fight For The Heart

How to Have a Family Fight

Although most of us start our marriage and family with the adage that we won't be the family that fights, face it - every family fights. I love the honest conversation… Read More

Fight For The Heart

Grace or Truth – Which Parent Are You?

There are two kinds of parents: grace parents, and truth parents. You know grace parents...they're always kind.  They bake cookies or always have time to turn on the barbecue to… Read More

Create A Rhythm | Make It Personal

What's Your Rhythm?

You've already seen on the blog that we believe parents are highly influential.  In fact, while the average church leader gets about 40 hours a year with your son or… Read More

Imagine The End

Get a Plan

This week on the blog we've talked about being imperfect parents and how even imperfect parents need to focus their priorities on what matters most. Two statistics help put this… Read More

Imagine The End

Time Warp

My wife Toni has taken to scrapbooking and to creating photobooks. A few weeks ago when our analog albums were spread out all over the floor, I noticed something that… Read More

Imagine The End | Make It Personal

What Your Kids Want Most From You

A study of one thousand young people in 3rd through 12th grade asked kids and teens this question: If you were granted one wish that would change the way that your… Read More

Imagine The End

Strategic Parenting (How Not to Crash Your Car)

One of the challenges in navigating a discussion about parenting... there are so many issues.  How can you tackle them all? That's why Reggie and I are so excited about… Read More