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Geoff Surratt

Geoff Surratt coaches churches and leaders around the country after serving in executive leadership at Seacoast Church, Saddleback Church and Exponential. Geoff and his wife Sherry just released Together: A Guide for Couples in Ministry. He is also an author of The Multisite Church Revolution, The Multisite Church Roadtrip, and Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing. You can connect with Geoff at MinistryTogether.com or on Twitter: @geoffsurratt

Dad and daughter

Dads | Special Topics

5 Things to Know About Dads of Daughters

Raising a daughter is one of the scariest endeavors I’ve ever faced. Once we got past the toddler phase with our son, I had a fairly good idea of what… Read More

Family Life

Rescuing Your Child When Life Isn’t Fair

My son attended a small, private high school. It was a wonderful school, that had a rule for everything, and many of their favorite rules had to do with uniforms.… Read More