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Holly Crawshaw

Holly Crawshaw is a wife, mother, and writer who eats sour candy and laughs at her own jokes. She served on staff with North Point Ministries for six years, the latter of which was spent as Preschool Director. She and her husband, Ben, are raising their three daughters, Lilah, Esmae, and Sailor in their hometown of Cumming, GA.

Create A Rhythm

How Bad Moms Can Get a Win

Now, we all know we aren’t bad moms. Like, we’re not withholding meals as a form of punishment or locking our kids in closets for a week (not that we… Read More

Just A Phase

Surviving Ezzy

I was the perfect mother. I mean, anyone could be—if they just read the books like I did and maintained a schedule like I did. If they had boundaries with… Read More

Fun Over Time | Just A Phase

Celebrate the Last Day of School

Freedom. Staying up late and sleeping in. The smell of chlorine in my hair. Sunshine. Oatmeal cream pies. Weeks spent at my Grandmother’s. Summer. Maybe your summer memories are different… Read More

Just A Phase

Celebrate Easter

See that photo below? That’s me on the far left. Snaggle-toothed and dressed in the best that the early 90’s had to offer (on a middle-class budget). Every Easter my… Read More

Just A Phase

Redefine Valentine’s

Is there anyone who actually enjoys Valentine's Day? For singles, it’s a glaring reminder of what we don’t have. Everyone seems to be in love. Everyone but us. And for… Read More