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Kristen Ivy

Kristen Ivy is the Executive Director of Messaging at Orange and co-author of "Playing For Keeps", "Creating a Lead Small Culture", and "It’s Just a Phase - So Don't Miss It". She combines her degree in secondary education with a Master of Divinity and lives out the full Orange spectrum as the wife of XP3 Students Orange Specialist, Matt Ivy, and the mother of three children, Sawyer, Hensley, and Raleigh.

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You Are Not Disqualified – Part 2

A few weeks ago, my friend Carey Nieuwhof posted this blog on Parent CUE. And as I read it I thought, “That’s everything I ever wanted to say to parents summed… Read More

Family Life

Things That Surprised You

It was Saturday. I was driving down the road with my, then three-year-old, son. We were in our typical groove of playing his favorite song. Replaying it. And then replaying… Read More

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Famous For A Few

I’ve never “been discovered.” Hollywood hasn’t called. Columbia Records hasn’t requested my lead vocals. I’ve never even created a “viral” YouTube video. (Don’t feel bad for me. You’re not famous… Read More



Your kids need you more than you need them. That’s easy to see in the first years of life. I mean, let’s face it, you don’t need your kid in… Read More


Parenting Like A Boss

The other day I read an interesting article called, “How Being a Good Boss is Like Being a Good Parent.” It was an interesting concept from a business consultant who… Read More

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Working Mom

By Kristen Ivy As part of my professional life, I recently had an opportunity to speak to a room of leaders. After it was over, there were a handful of… Read More

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Not My Valentine

“I can’t marry you mama, because you’re going to die.” This is the truth that my four-year-old son shared with me while I stood in the kitchen last night. True… Read More


Your Family Is Weird

When did you first realize your family was weird? Last week, I was sitting at Starbucks with an 8th grade girl from my small group, and she said, “So, does… Read More

Imagine The End

The Gift of Words

“Did you know . . ?” “Has anyone ever told you . . ?” I don’t know your story, but if I had to guess you can remember a time… Read More

Create A Rhythm

Time Matters

I hate the clock. No. Really.  My stepdad collects them. But I ignore them. Ask anyone who knows me at all. When it comes to time management,  I'm the worst… Read More