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Reggie Joiner

Reggie is founder and CEO of Orange (The reThink Group). He has co-written three parenting books, Don't Miss It, Playing for Keeps and Parenting Beyond Your Capacity as well as other leadership books including A New Kind of Leader and Think Orange. Reggie lives in Georgia with his wife, Debbie, and has four grown children, Reggie Paul, Hannah, Sarah, and Rebekah.

Create A Rhythm

Like Lightning

The simple reason that it takes quantity of quality time is because significant moments are unpredictable. Most of us want to be there when our baby takes the first step,… Read More

Fight For The Heart | Imagine The End

Bigger Story

Thanks for sending in your awkward family pictures.  We'll be posting them soon.  What we love about them is they help us focus on the bigger story God is writing,… Read More

Create A Rhythm


I really love taking pictures. This is  a shot of my son and daughter in a subway station in New York City. I have been trained mostly in the photojournalist… Read More

Widen The Circle

Faith at Risk

Most moms and dads are ready to fight the battle for their children’s safety and future as soon as they are born. Parents will buckle them into car seats that fit… Read More

Widen The Circle

Side by Side

In Inside Out Families, Diana Garland reports on her study of what makes the most impact in a student’s spiritual life. She concludes after extensive survey and research, “Community service… Read More

Widen The Circle

Lessons in Haiti

Sarah, my daughter, took this picture. We just got back from Haiti last week. We were there with a group of college interns who were rebuilding a widow’s home and… Read More

Create A Rhythm

Airplane Mode

I always feel a little panicked when I hear the announcement from the airline attendant, “Please turn off all personal electronic devices, anything that has an on and off switch.”… Read More

Imagine The End

Imperfect Parents

Do you remember the first time you realized your parents weren’t perfect? I don’t. It was just a gradual realization for me. But I do remember the first time I… Read More

Make It Personal

Cows with a View

I passed by these cows this week. I was taking a couple of days off while in California to speak to leaders. The herd sits off the famous Hwy 1… Read More


Welcome to Orange Parents

So neither Carey nor I are parenting experts. We are simply dads who constantly try to remind each other about the important stuff related to our families. We both openly… Read More