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Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson is a writer and communicator who has been involved in ministry since 2003. She is a lead writer and content creator for Orange's XP3 High School curriculum. Sarah lives in Roswell, Georgia, and is a big fan of her husband, Rodney, her two boys, Asher and Pace, and, in her weaker moments, McDonald's French fries. Read more from Sarah on her blog, www.sarahbanderson.com.


To Shine My Face

By Sarah Anderson The other day I came across a chart highlighting the first five years of life, drawing distinctives for each stage. My youngest having recently turned one, I… Read More

Imagine The End

The Necessary White Space

By Sarah Anderson Every night at 6:45, the evening bedtime routine begins. My husband takes two lively and squirmy boys upstairs for a bath that usually ends up as a… Read More

Create A Rhythm

Lightening Up Christmas

It seems to me, in recent years, Christmas has become quite the conundrum. Maybe it always has been as complicated as it now feels, or maybe I’m just more tuned… Read More

Birth - 5 years | Elementary (K-5th) | Fight For The Heart

The Words that Stick

We lived for a few solid years in our family not having to really watch our words. We could have conversations about dessert, fun places to go, and toys. And… Read More


Letting Go

By Sarah Anderson The day before my youngest, Pace, turned one, he was checked into the children’s hospital to get tubes put in his ears. This surgery is common and… Read More