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Ted Lowe

Ted Lowe is a speaker and the director of MarriedPeople, the marriage division at Orange. He served for almost 10 years as the director of MarriedLife at North Point Community Church. He lives near Atlanta, Georgia, with his four favorite people: his wife, Nancie, and their three children.

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Switch One Word and Change Your Family Dynamics

Growing up, I always knew I wanted a family of my own—the wife, the kids, the whole bit. In college, I remember having “deep” conversations with friends about how I… Read More
Episode 30

PCL 30: Parenting on the Same Page

Ted Lowe, author of Your Best Us, shares some ideas on how to get on the same page as parents. Whether you’re married, remarried, or a single parent, you’re better… Read More

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The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kids is Leave

If you’re married and raising children together, the best thing you can do for your kids is leave . . . for the night . . . and go on a… Read More