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Tim Walker

Tim Walker is the managing editor for parent curriculum at Orange. He has been married to his wife, Jennifer, for over 20 years and has three sons—twin boys in high school and his oldest in college.


The Myth of the Perfect Kid

We parents are an emotional, neurotic mess, aren’t we? Sure, some of us are better at hiding it than others, but push the right button or confront the right issue,… Read More

High School (9th-12th) | Middle School (6th-8th)

Cats and Dogs

Ah, middle school. The smell of axe wafting through the air. The endless group texts. The hormonal mood swings. It really is a magical time, isn’t it? When my oldest… Read More

Imagine The End | Middle School (6th-8th)

Middle School Cabbie

It takes a special set of skills to parent a middle schooler—especially two of them. Caterer. Counselor. Sports manager. Bank. But there’s nothing bigger than this one—driver. The role frequently… Read More

Fight For The Heart

Welcome to the Cave

My wife is incredibly social. She can talk to anyone, and anyone talks to her. She’s one of those people whom random strangers seek out to divulge all kinds of… Read More


Raising Superman

Last weekend, I went to see Man of Steel with my oldest son. I’m a big superhero fan, especially DC comics superheroes—Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash. We’ve been superfriends… Read More