Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water, has a simple mission – to provide clean water to the one billion who need it on our planet. Did you know that dirty water kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war?

Just google the name Riley Goodfellow and and you will be inspired by what an 8 year-old girl can do. She beat the odds when she raised $15,000 to build wells for people who need clean water by eating beans and rice for 25 days. We introduced her to a host of leaders at the Catalyst Conference last week. Twelve thousand adults were taught by a child why its important to put others first. Here is the beginning of her story.

Sometimes adults just need to become like children, and try to do something that doesn’t seem possible. Kids like Riley tend to challenge us to stop making excuses for not helping others. For a parent, I guess the real lesson here is this: Don’t underestimate the potential of your children to make a meaningful sacrifice to help someone in need.

A number of people are taking the challenge to “give up their birthday for clean water.”  (see Whether you want to help build wells or feed the hungry, look for creative ways to keep your family involved in serving and caring for the world around them.