Yesterday, our Orange team spent the day talking about one of the principles for 2011 that we want to teach kids. Believe it or not, we actually do plan ahead.

How do we capture the imagination of children so they can see their potential to be creative? What is creativity actually? Maybe our creativity is simply an intuitive response to the image of the Creator that is hard-wired into our nature. Think about it. What if there really is a creator, and He really did make everything, including us? And what if we are actually designed in His image? What does that imply about our ability to be creative? Here is an interesting thought:

We all have the potential to have a creative side, and tapping into that potential is a key to our role and responsibility as humans.

There has been a lot of buzz around lately about the undeveloped potential of creative thinking.  Education is desperately in need of an overhaul, and conventional wisdom related to how children are trained in the fundamentals is being challenged by a host of educators. I am not an expert about this, but I do want to join the conversation. I was recently inspired listening to Sir Ken Robinson talk about how schools kill creativity. He did the following message in 2006 at the Ted Conference, and then another one in 2010. Listen to this one first. It is only take 18 minutes and will be well worth it. You will see your children’s potential through a different filter.