Put yourself first when it comes to personal growth.

The fifth parenting value—making it personal—is going to challenge you as a parent in a way the other values don’t. This one will benefit your kids, for sure. But it’s not directly about them, it’s about you.  In a very real way, making it personal will help every other step you take as a parent.

When it comes to character and faith, your kids are watching you in a way they might not watch you in other pursuits. Because it’s so personal, you can’t do faith and character for your kids. There’sanother factor at work. If it’s not in you, they know it. When it comes to spiritual and character formation, your journey impacts them deeply. If you want it to be in them, it needs to be in you..

Your kids already have a front-row seat to your life. The question is, what are they watching? Is it just show? Or is it a real-life adventure where they see courage and passion to overcome personal obstacles? What if your personal growth was a front-row seat to the bigger story God wants to write in your family?

Your kids need to see you …

… struggle with answers.

… face your weaknesses.

… deal with real problems.

… admit when you are wrong.

… fight for your marriage.

… resolve personal conflict.

Your children need to see you make relational, emotional, and spiritual growth in your life a priority. If you don’t make it personal for yourself, it may never be personal for them.

Adapted from Parenting Beyond Your Capacity