Over the next few weeks you will see some changes in our Orange Parents blog. One new addition, thanks to hours of work by our IT department, is the Church Finder. You might be wondering why we would put a church finder on a parenting blog. It’s simply because we want to give parents a practical way to “widen the circle.” We believe the church can be a positive influence in the lives of families, and that a community of faith is an important partner to parents. Both Carey and I as leaders, value the role of family and church as primary influences in the next generation.

We have learned that church is one of the best places to find other adult leaders who can have a positive influence in the lives of your kids. At our conferences and tour stops around the country, we work with thousands of churches from a variety of different denominations. This Church Finder represents a range of churches that are presently involved in what we consider to be an “Orange” strategy.  They range from large churches that have thousands of attendees, to smaller churches of a few hundred. There are over 50 different denominations listed who all believe…

Jesus is who He said He was –
He is the Son of God who died for our sins and rose again.

That what the Bible says is true –
We can trust the integrity of Scripture to be God’s Word.

We will all live somewhere forever –
There is a Heaven where those who trust in Jesus will live for eternity.

Here’s an important note. We cannot guarantee that all of these churches will look, act, or think alike. They do not all agree about everything. We actually hope they never do, so that there is variety in the community of faith. The purpose of the Church Finder is not to put a stamp of approval on any church, it’s just to give anyone who is looking for a church a better chance of finding one that thinks “Orange” or that is partnering in a positive way with the family.

At this time there are symbols below each church listed to notate which part of the Orange strategy it is implementing. We hope this feature will make it easier for parents who re-locate and who live in a specific region to connect with a community of faith.

Every church on this list may not be a perfect fit for your family. So it’s okay to visit until you find one you like. There are also some incredible churches that partner with families and are not on the list. As we build the list, we would love for you to email us the name of a church we should add. Just include practical reasons how they partner with families.

Do you think it’s important for a family to connect to a church or community of faith? If so, why?