Like a lot of things (everything!) right now, Mother’s Day will look differently than it normally does. But it can still be just as special. Maybe even more so, because we’re all looking to connect in ways that we haven’t in the past.

Parent Cue wants to help you make that happen. We’ve created a few resources you can choose from to give to the mom (or moms) in your life.

Here are three ways you can tell moms you appreciate all they do for the people they love most—you and your family. We’ve made it easy for you and included them all in this free downloadable resource.

All About Mom Questionnaire

Have your kid fill out the “All About Mom Questionnaire.”

Print it out, and help them fill it in. If they know how to write, nothing is sweeter than reading your kid’s own handwriting. Want to make this extra memorable? Do a video interview with your kid and have them answer the questions while you film.

Pro tip: The best responses are the ones they give honestly—even if they’re not exactly accurate!

Coloring Page

The coloring page may seem simple, but artwork from your own kid just makes you smile. It makes a mom proud! Take this piece to the next level by having your kid sign the bottom like a real, live artist and putting it in a frame.

Don’t have an extra frame available? You can have your child make one out of cardboard, construction paper, scrapbook paper, or even by gluing leaves or small sticks from your yard around the edges of the coloring sheet.


Handmade Bouquet

Print out the set of paper flowers.

Get the flowers cut out and have your kid decorate them. They can use crayons, markers, water color paints, chalk—anything you have around the house.

Display the flowers like a real arrangement. Put them in a vase, a mason jar, or just a clear glass. Add a note and surprise Mom with a one-of-a-kind, handmade bouquet!

You can download and print the full resource for these Mother’s Day ideas here.

One last note. Think through your community. How many single moms do you know? Foster moms? Moms who may not receive a gift or note for whatever reason? Is there one or two of these activities you could make happen for them? Now, more than ever, we need to be aware of those who may feel especially lonely or left out during this incredibly isolating season.