Award-winning photographer, speaker, and founder of The Purpose Hotel, Jeremy Cowart, joins host, Carlos Whittaker, to talk about busy life seasons and how to balance family life on today’s episode of the Parent Cue Live podcast.


  • Be intentional about checking in with your kids. This week, talk intentionally with your kids. What was a win for them this week? What was a loss for them? Get the pulse on where they are now and ask them how you can support them this week.


None of us parents have our stuff together. While some days are better than others, on many days, most of us are just trying to make it to some far-off point, whether it’s to college, the end of a school break, the weekend, or nap time. Parenthood is hard, and if you ask around, you’ll find most mothers and fathers feel like they’re missing the mark somewhere with their kids.

So how do you stay connected when life gets so busy?

Today’s guest, Jeremy Cowart, seems to be in a perpetual state of busyness. Named the “Most Influential Photographer on the Internet” by Huffington Post, Forbes, and Yahoo in 2014, Jeremy has now added to his résumé: speaker, and founder The Purpose Hotel, a planned global for-profit hotel chain that will serve not-for-profit organizations. On top of that, he’s married with four kids.

If Jeremy can manage staying connected to his family when his work life gets crazy, surely we all can, too, right?

The father of four is quick to admit he doesn’t have it all together. What he does do is take every day one at a time while asking himself, “How do I choose my family today?”

For him, that sometimes means skipping out on those trendy, VIP parties he’s invited to and spending the weekend with his family instead. It might also mean bringing one kid with him while he travels so he can get some one-on-one time with them. Or avoiding electronics at the dinner table to ensure quality time.

Want to hear more helpful ideas from Jeremy? You’ll have to tune-in to today’s episode of the Parent Cue Live podcast to hear more!

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