12 Mother’s Day Gifts That Make a Big Impact

MOM. Three letters that carry a lot of meaning. Whether they brought us into this world or not, these are the women who give us life in one way or another. They’re caregivers, encouragers, truth speakers, tough love dealers, miracle makers, and bring-you-back-down-to-reality-with-one-glance casters—all before breakfast.

And while we believe in celebrating moms every day, we’re glad there are 24 hours set aside especially for them. We’ve even put together a list of Mother’s Day gifts that the remarkable women in your life will love, because just like her, these presents have more than one purpose.

Many of these gifts have a social impact, but all of them have an impact beyond recipient. Whether it’s improving relationships in the family, in the community, or in lives around the world, we’re pretty sure any of these presents will make Mom proud.

Other than the items noted below as from Parent Cue or The Phase Shop, we will not share in any profits made from sales of these products. We simply appreciate the companies’ efforts to better the lives of others.

  1. Don’t Miss It Keychain from The Phase Shop($8)

Treat your mom or the maternal influences in your life to this leather keychain embossed with the phrase “Don’t Miss It.” At Parent Cue we believe parents need to be reminded that everyday moments of preschool tunes and “I Spy” in the car won’t last forever. It’s from The Phase Shop, whose purpose is to connect families at every life stage.

  1. Mama Bear Ring Dish from Altar’d State($8)

Remember your favorite mama bear on Mother’s Day with this stylishly cute jewelry dish from Altar’d State. This Christian retailer stands for service, takes prayer requests, and devotes 10% of each Monday’s profits to charitable organizations.

  1. Custom Clay Band Bracelet from MudLOVE($14)

Help the mother battling in the child-rearing trenches remember what’s most important by giving her a wearable reminder: personalize this bracelet with your own inspirational word (or select from the options given). Crafted from elastic and glazed clay to be completely waterproof, these bracelets come from MudLOVE, a company that provides a week of free water to someone in need for every product purchased.

  1. Honduran Coffee from Phoenix Roasters($12.95)

Tempt your coffee connoisseur’s taste buds with this aromatic blend from Phoenix Roasters, who buy directly from coffee farms, increasing local wages by 300%. Each bag sold also resources domestic relief projects such as ending the commercial exploitation of children, ending homelessness, restoring abuse victims, supporting single mothers, and much more.

  1. Don’t Miss It from Parent Cue($10.99)

A short, inspirational book for parents, Don’t Miss It reminds us a phase in a child’s life isn’t just a period of time to be survived, but an opportunity to be maximized. This book is for any mom (or dad) interested in making every week count for their kids, whether their son is cutting his first tooth or their daughter is going on her first date.

  1. Kalamkari Scarf from Eternal Threads($16)

This stunning, cotton scarf is hand-stamped with wooden blocks by a cooperative in India. Eternal Threads’ mission is to weave hope and justice into the lives of women who are at risk from extreme poverty and trafficking. Purchasing this scarf will provide hope for rescued girls in Nepal and Afghanistan through vocational training, literacy, and small business classes.

  1. Brown & Turquoise Leather Earrings from Glory Haus($33)

Your trend-setting mom will adore the striking blend of color and materials in these leaf design earrings—and love the fact that she’s helping other women. These unique fashion accessories are handmade by women transitioning from homelessness for Jen Hatmaker’s Glory Haus collection.

  1. Orange Blossom Ultimate Skin Essentials Set from Hand in Hand Soap($40)

Pamper your hard-working mom with the scent of orange blossoms (one of our favorite fragrances!) in this luxurious collection of skin products. Not only are Hand in Hand Soap products environmentally friendly, they donate soap and clean water with each purchase to children in need.

  1. Sterling Silver Parallel Cuff from To the Market ($60)

The special lady in your life will love wearing this gorgeous handcrafted sterling silver cuff for its versatility and beautiful design. But she’ll feel even more connected when you tell her that this purchase will help empower women, send girls to school, and transform communities here in the US and across the globe in countries like Uganda, Haiti, and Ecuador.

  1. Hepburn Sunglasses from Panda($100+)

Your fashion-forward and planet-loving mom will feel like a movie star in these sustainable bamboo sunglasses. For each pair of glasses purchased, Panda funds eye exams and prescriptions for underserved children. Little black dress and breakfast at Tiffany’s not included—or needed!

  1. Mulberry Leather Tote from Noonday Collection($168)

One thing is certain: Moms have to carry lots of stuff! This buttery-soft tote will help her lug it around in style. Noonday Collection, taken from Isaiah 58:10, partners with 29 businesses in 12 impoverished countries to create opportunities for over 4,400 artisans around the globe, which has impacted over 20,000 family members.

  1. Shelf Subscription from The Bookshelf($35-$350)

Give Mom a few minutes of peace and quiet with a subscription to The Bookshelf, a locally owned and operated bookstore in Thomasville, Georgia. This book-a-month club ships titles chosen by a Bookshelf staffer directly to Mom, based on her preferences. They also made our list because they give back to their community by hosting story times, educational workshops, and more.

Need a couple more ideas? Here are two more can’t-miss items for Mom:

This all-natural, US-sourced candle is phthalate and paraben free and—even better—is made by White Field Farm, which offers job training and employment to women survivors of human trafficking. Help the mom in your life fill her home with warmth and light while at the same time providing a bright future for vulnerable women.

This cotton canvas wallet wears well, making it great for everyday use. It’s one of Malia’s more popular fair trade wallet styles and helps support organizations that fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia. It’s made by a fair trade producer group that employs disadvantaged people.

Looking for a Mother’s Day experience the whole family can share? Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Build a home with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Volunteer with your local community food bank.
  • Clean out your excess and donate it to a local charity.
  • Make a donation in Mom’s name to her favorite charity with a homemade card from the kids.
  • Sponsor a child through Compassion International.